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The Inward Nine

Carry - The 10th hole is a par 4 of 390 yards.

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With a hidden water hazard about 60 yards short of the green the best plan is to hit a long iron leaving you around 120 yards to the green, however trees on both sides of the fairway are there if you lose concentration. Your second shot is the most difficult on this hole; with the green built into a hill that slopes away to the left and that water hazard looming in front, you are always happy to escape with par.




High Rise - The 11th hole is a par 4 of 390 yards.

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Tee to Fairway




Standing on the tee you realise why it is stroke index one. You are playing uphill to a fairway that slopes to the left and always seems to kick you into trouble. You are faced with a second shot, again uphill into the small green raised towards the back and protected by two huge greenside bunkers on the left and right.






Plateau - The 12th hole is a par 4 of 368 yards.

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Plateau - The 12th




This is perhaps one of the easiest holes on the course. You have a very generous fairway that slopes toward the green from about 100 yards. The green is raised so a missed shot can still give you problems and be warned, there is not a straight putt on this green.





Far Away - The 13th hole is a par 3 of 224 yards.

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With a green that is hidden away this becomes a very hard tee shot to visualise. The best approach is to aim to the left side when the natural contours will bounce the ball toward the middle of the green. Trees short and left are strategically placed to catch badly paced shots and the water hazard behind the green can catch those who are too long.





Gully - The 14th hole is a par 3 of 150 yards.


Gully - The 14th





Hitting over the valley with a lot of trees quite often you are unable to see the flag and you can not see the greenside bunker to the left. Aim for the marker post behind the green and two putts will give you your par.







Spa Well Gill - The 15th hole is a par 4 of 303 yards.


Spa Well Gill - The 15th

Try to place your drive down the left hand side because the green slopes drastically right to left. The huge greenside bunkers make the approach look very tiny.


Long Haul - The 16th hole is a par 4 of 417 yards.

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Tee to Fairway


Members class this as the hardest hole on the course. With an undulating fairway that slope in every direction you aim your tee shot at the four newly planted trees on the left and hopefully the ground will kick your ball into the centre. Anything further right can bring all kinds of problems into play, including a huge water hazard on the right which also cuts across the fairway about 120 yards from the green. As long as you are short of this you are playing your second shot uphill to a green that is surrounded by bunkers and trees. Can be very daunting.





Copse -The 17th hole is a par 4 of 351 yards.


                                                                           Tee to Fairway




This is a very straight hole with a generous fairway. Dont hold back with this tee shot. Trees line this fairway on both sides but you will be unlucky if you are left without a shot into the green. Be positive with your shot and the bunkers right and left of the green shouldnt cause you any concern.






Copperas Gill - The 18th hole is a par 5 of 476 yards.

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Copperas Gill - The 18th

This hole has ruined many a winning card. A long iron for the low handicapper down the left side of the fairway keeping you away from trees that cover the dogleg is the best play, but with the fairway sloping left to right if you are short you can still be playing your second out of these trees towards the plateau.

A well placed tee shot will put you into the gap looking straight up toward the green, from here your best play is a mid to long iron across the road that crosses the fairway, leaving you a chip to the green. Greenside bunkers cover the front of the green and out of bounds covers the back; a good shot is needed to hold the green


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